Studio Spotlight

Congratulations to Christian Solares and Andrea Sakellariou: Finalists in Professional Rising Star Smooth at the 59th Annual California Star Ball DanceSport Championships! We are very proud of you. Thank you to Gitte Svendsen for a fabulous event! Can't wait for next year's 60th anniversary!

Torri Campbell

a long-time student at Dance Arts Studios.

Torri Campbell Spotlight

The Joy of Dance

Torri Campbell is one Smooth lady. If you've ever seen the elegant honey-blonde on the ballroom floor, you know that she makes dancing look effortless. "It's deceiving," Torri said. "Dancing is a lot of hard work." But it's work that brings Torri incredible satisfaction. 

A practicing psychologist, Torri has been a dancer her whole life. When her daughter was born, she decided to take a break and she stopped dancing for ten years. But something was missing! As a re-entry point to the dance world, she decided to try ballroom. She began with social classes at Dance Arts Studios fifteen years ago and fell in love with the great teachers and stimulating atmosphere at the studio. Ballroom competition was a natural next step.

Torri competed with a couple of fellow amateurs, and then began studying Smooth with Genya Malko, with whom she has competed for over three years. Showcases at Dance Arts provide another opportunity to perform. She appreciates the entire process: receiving exciting new choreography, having a focus to work towards, and reveling in the supportive and energizing atmosphere.

In addition to being a student of dance, Torri is an accomplished instructor. For the past nine years, Torri has led the Parkinson's Dance Project, which provides weekly movement classes for people with Parkinson's Disease in San Rafael and Santa Rosa. Torri also teaches dance classes for seniors at several senior centers in Marin County.

For Torri, dance is a "never-ending process of learning." About to turn 61, Torri says dance "helps maintain a level of fitness in my body and mind. Learning the technique is endlessly deep. Learning to collaborate with another person, to give and take, allows you to attain a sense of freedom. It's really about spreading the joy of dance," Torri explained. "Dancing brings me joy, and I enjoy sharing that joy of dance through my teaching and performing." 

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